✋ Welcome to YfDFI.Finance Official Telegram Group!✊ “A simple vision, powered by the community, profitable for the community: no limit, no discrimination, just DeFi for a better world.”🚨 Warning: Some fake YFD token (clone) are circulating in the market be carefu, please always check the contract address for not being scammed. Always bu..

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Welcome to YNTI project

Why are you always miss out crypto airdrops?  Win $500 airdrops at: New Testament ( $YNTI) is a world-leading public chain and New Testament.Listed on Dapponline, Dappreview, Tokenpocket, Blockfolio, Coincodex, Coinranking✨ Token Information:Total Supply: 131400ET..

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Presale dex (PSDEX) Presale is live

Presale dex💎(psdex)💎 presale is liveOnly 10  hours left until the end of the presaleReal Product, Real DiamondSoon, with many updates, we will turn the platform into the best presale platformPresale price 1 Eth = 700 psdex Uniswap price 1 Eth = 500All unsold token will be burntThe best and most diverse decentralized platform for pre..

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Yearn (Earn) Classic Finance

Please read this A pool of 525 EARN tokens for airdrop participants who join our Telegram Group and Follow Twitter, like and retweets the pinned tweet.Join airdrop bot - @yearnclassicbotA pool of 525 EARN tokens for who gets referral rewards.Calculation of rewards:✳️ Daily a snapshot will be taken at random time who joined @earndefi and fo..

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