Yearn Finance One (YFIONE)

YEARN FINANCE ONE (YFIONE) Pre-sale Event All You Need To Know About The YFiONE Pre-sale EventAll You Need To Know About The YFiONE Pre-sale Event Token Pre-sale Date: November 10th CountdownCountdown Token Contract: 0xac0c8da4a4748d8d821a0973d00b157aa78c473d Total supply: 20,000. We will provide 3 sales Ethereum addresses for each..

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🚀 WELCOME TO LIBERTASJoin LIBERTAS in the rebellion on cancel culture and help us restore freedom of speech - LIBERTAS is the world's first decentralized Podcast infrastructure.____Libertas is a decentralized audio and podcast streaming service built on the Ethereum Blockchain.We are politically unbiased and are building a platform owned by the ..

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Yearn Yellow Event

📍Event Yearn Yellow Staking YGold (YFIY / YYG) YGOLD is a Defi platform that reveals the true value of user cryptocurrence assets. Within the platform, users have different staking options to earn money. YGOLD provides opportunities to make money from the savings pool in YEARN YELLOW lending. On this occasion, Yearn Yellow is giving away 150 Y..

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The$hitcoin is created as a reaction to all the fake and other fake defi projects. It’s currently raining projects that are really just useless but pretend to be the greatest thing ever. The$hitcoin is kind of a funcoin as opposed to that. It can definitely be used as a trading device, like 99% of crypto is anyway, so why not one th..

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