Yearn Shark Finance Token Burn

🔥Congratulations, YSKF TOKEN BURN EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT 🎗Thanks For Supporting YSKF Till Now 🔥 We are BURNING 85,000 YSKF Tokens (85%) Of Total Supply ‼️ Note : Burn Is Auto Scheduled On 19th November then Total Supply Would Be 15,000 YSKF Tokens Only. 🚀 New Listing Price - 1 ETH = 3 YSKF 📌 Token Info:    • Name..

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Yearn Finance Dex (YFIX) presale is live

🚀  New Project                ➖ 🔜  Yearn Finance Dex (YFIX) is KingSwapDex's token. KingSwapDEX is an innovative decentralized exchange that offers its users many features like decentralized swap of ERC-20 tokens but also coins like BTC, LTC, XRP... KingSwap..

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Libertas update

Hi🤝 We are Libertas and our DAPP is releasing TODAY at 8PM UTC. We are a decentralized Podcast infrastructure with the sole ambition of restoring freedom of speech and to resist Big Tech's censorship. 🥊 Stay tuned for announcements on Podcast appearances, the creation of our very own Libertas Podcast with community guests, dates of ..

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YFBET Finance presale is live

🚀  New Featured Project                ➖ 🔜  YFBET Finance YFBET Finance is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. YFBET.Finance is a decentralized protocol that helps users get the best profits from Yield Farming. ✨ Token Information: Token Name:  &n..

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