YSEC Finance

Nov 10, 2020

YSEC Finance

YSEC will launch an automated pre-sale platform where developers can customize their pre-sales. YSEC token holders will also be able to stake their YSEC to farm more YSEC in the beginning. When the YSEC platform is live, YSEC tokenholders can stake their YSEC into the dividend pool that will be added at the same time the YSEC platform will launch.

We’ll ask a 5% base fee for launching a pre-sale from the YSEC platform. Half of the fees generated will be added to this pool and will reward the stakers in ETH.

DeFi is generating a lot of hype and is a space that is undergoing increasing popularity. Absolutely desirable, but at the same time it is becoming increasingly difficult to safely invest into new projects because of increasing chances of the team not being sincere and the possibility of them leaving the project behind, be it a rugpull or a (slow) exit scam.

Currently developers have to connect with Unicrypt and TEAM to lock their assets and have to add the promised liquidity on Uniswap (you hope!) themselves, YSEC will offer token locking,ether locking, liquidity locking, liquidity adding solutions and will also launch presales added by the developers creating them.

Want to know best part of all? 

It's a fully automated process and YSEC will never own any of the assets locked within our smart contracts. Once published, investors will be able to see when and which projects are having their presale as well as how the tokenomics of that specific project are organized.

Tokenholders can stake their YSEC in the YSEC farming pool after our presale has ended. When our presale platform is live, tokenholders can also stake their YSEC to earn dividends based on fees generated by the platform.

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