Yield Bank

Oct 23, 2020


Yield Bank is an all-in-one DeFi platform that aims to unify and improve many of the  service DeFi currently offers under one roof.
We will have our own two amazing, deflationary, native tokens $yB and $yCASH that you will be able to stake and yield farm with throughour our ecosystem

The DeFi Bank of the People.

🌾 High yields
💰 Staking
💷 Vaults
💶 401K Vaults
✨ Best UI / UX in DeFi
📩 Individual Account Propriety
🙌 The People's Fund
⛽️ yGasSaver
💹 Auto-Compounding

2 tokens with unique deflationary mechanics - $yB and $yCASH
🔥 All token burns will be publicly indexed.

🔔 Read more in our Medium article 👉 

Join us on Telegram or Discord and follow us on Twitter!

Telegram Room: t.me/YieldBank
Telegram Announcement Channel: t.me/YieldBankAnnouncements
ILL Episode date: TBA

Full breakdown of tokenomics will be released in the near future on our Medium account.

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