Nov 5, 2020

Welcome to YfDFI.Finance Official Telegram Group!

✊ “A simple vision, powered by the community, profitable for the community: no limit, no discrimination, just DeFi for a better world.”

🚨 Warning: Some fake YFD token (clone) are circulating in the market be carefu, please always check the contract address for not being scammed. Always buy on Uniswap and always verify the contract address before buying (0x4F4F0Ef7978737ce928BFF395529161b44e27ad9).

💰 YFD Token 
🔸 YfDFI Finance - Governance token
• Right to vote
• Right to share YfDFI ecosystem's profits
🔸 Total Supply: 20,000 YFD
🔸 Contract Address: 0x4F4F0Ef7978737ce928BFF395529161b44e27ad9 
✅ ERC-20 Contract Status: Contract Source Code Verified on Etherscan
🔸 Uniswap Pair: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x40ba9b6421d584cec10330f882c5a343d8466b71
100% Liquidity Locked on Unicrypt
📈 Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x40ba9b6421d584cec10330f882c5a343d8466b71

🚨 Warning: be careful about scam or fake YFD tokens. Be always sure that the YFD token (YFD) you're buying or using is the one related to this smart contract address. Moreover, 

👉 How to buy YFD Token?
🦄 Buy YFD on Uniswap
📈 Buy YFD on DFI.Exchange

📚  Project Documentation
🔸 Gitbook - https://docs.yfdfi.finance/ 

💻 External Resources
Official Website: https://yfdfi.finance
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/yfdfi_gigs
Telegram Group: https://t.me/yfdfi_finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YfDFI_Finance
Discord: https://discord.gg/jUTNmpp

💻 Latest Accomplishments
✅ Contract Deployment
✅ Project Identity + Logos
✅ Uniswap Liquidity Pool (WETH/YFD)
✅ YfDFI.Finance Official Website
✅ DFI.Community
✅ Social Media Accounts Setup
✅ Project Documentation
✅ DFI.Exchange (Beta Version)
✅ Staking Platform (v1.0)
🔄 Liquidity Farming Platform (v1.0)
🔄 DFI.Governance (coming soon)
🔄 DFI.Swap (coming soon)
🔄 CMC/Coingecko Listing
✅ Etherscan Data Update
💡 DFI.Insurance
💡 DFI.Self-Banking
💡 DFI.Ventures
📅 More steps will be added soon…

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