Yearn Finance One (YFIONE)

Nov 10, 2020

All You Need To Know About The YFiONE Pre-sale EventAll You Need To Know About The YFiONE Pre-sale Event
Token Pre-sale Date: November 10th CountdownCountdown
Token Contract: 0xac0c8da4a4748d8d821a0973d00b157aa78c473d
Total supply: 20,000.
We will provide 3 sales Ethereum addresses for each of the Pre-sale event to send your ETHs for YFO.
1st Pre-sale address :     0x8F3ebdcc18a04a8DdA110752db73b384D1216721
Minimum Buy = 1 YFO
Maximum Buy = 100 YFO

● Purchase YFO token Event info :
1st presale price (1000 YFO)
1 YFO = 0.1 ETH
2nd presale price (2500 YFO)
1 YFO token = 0.13 ETH
3rd presale price (4500 YFO)
1 YFO = 0.15 ETH
Public sale price/Listing  ( 1 YFO token = 0.25 ETH )
● Confirmed Exchanges:
Cointiger, Uniswap, Digifinex, Catex, 1inch, and more exchanges coming soon
● Important Note:
Once the allocated 40% (8000 YFO ) for Pre-sale has been sold out Or the event ends, we will distribute the tokens the next day and list immediately at the price of 1 YFO = 0.25 ETH on all supported exchanges.
* YFO Tokens will be sent to the address you used on sending Ethereum (Make purchases) from it
Warning❌❌ (Don't send ETH from a nExchange account)
* If you send ETH before the Countdown Timer, the amount will be returned after the event end.
If you want to contact us
Telegram Account : @maxlinxone or @Hector_one
Official email :

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