Yearn (Earn) Classic Finance

Nov 1, 2020

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A pool of 525 EARN tokens for airdrop participants who join our Telegram Group and Follow Twitter, like and retweets the pinned tweet.
Join airdrop bot - @yearnclassicbot

A pool of 525 EARN tokens for who gets referral rewards.

Calculation of rewards:
✳️ Daily a snapshot will be taken at random time who joined @earndefi and followed till November 30.

✳️ Example., Total airdrop rewards obtained by A = (Total number of snapshots A got) * 525 / (Total Number of snapshots taken) * (Total number of partcipants)
        Total referral rewards obtained by A = (Total referrals of A) * 525 / Total referrals.

EARN is the governance token for the Yearn Classic platform, the sustainable decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem with a total supply of 21,000 EARN issued on the Ethereum platform.

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