Dec 19, 2020

🚀 Welcome to xETH-G (xETH with Governance)! The next revolutionary step in the xETH ecosystem.The only rebase project with NO negative rebases, governance, dynamic peg, deflationary mechanisms, simple stakin compounding rebases and liquidity mining.

⚫️ Token Informations:
▪️Name: xETH-G.Finance
▪️Symbol: xETH-G
▪️Token: ERC-20
▪️Total Supply: Dynamic (It's can change anytime according to trade)

🔹xETH-G Vault staking: https://simple.stakexeth.finance/
🔹xETH-G LP staking: https://stakexeth.finance/#/xETH-G

⚫️ Social Links:
▪️Website: https://xeth-g.finance

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