Oct 24, 2020

Core is that Vice. Uno is yield-farming BSC project, rewarding users in VICE for single-staking and LP BNB-VICE pair-staking, and also we did VICE-VICE staking pool. Farm will start in 24-48 hours,and first and early-adopters would receive much VICE from little invest, cause not much people would know about it at early start,and also stake earned VICE next no VICE to farm more.
Start rate would be near 1:1 to BNB,we would provide early-start liquidity, and after users put enough liq. we would remove and buyback VICE for all BNB amount widthrawn, and may be even burn all VICE we got. We would practice buyback VICE for dev funds we got to make VICE rate good and burn supply if needed,to give our community project they would stay, grow and earn with.
This is long-term Yield project, but early-users recieve more in every project
Also,we gonna make some giveaways and drops for our active-users marked by administrators of telegram group and twitter.

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