Toshify Finance

Oct 31, 2020

$MVP farming pools are live on You can farm with either $YFT/ETH LP or $MVP/ETH LP. Anti-dump mechanisms:
1. 48 hr interval after claiming rewards to claim again.
2. LP token locked for 7 days the 1st time you stake

🔥$YFT 🔥


Toshify Finance is a total DEFI platform that will be offering a wide range of DEFI products

Announcement Channel:
Price talk chat:

🔥YFT Tokenomics🔥
Circulating: 30000
Total Supply: 42192 


✳️Liquidity Locked for one year :

🔥MVP Tokenomics🔥
Circulating: 3000
Total Supply: 30000

✳️MVP Liquidity Locked for one year:

Read more about the Dev at:

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