Nov 6, 2020

The$hitcoin is created as a reaction to all the fake and other fake defi projects. It’s currently raining projects that are really just useless but pretend to be the greatest thing ever. The$hitcoin is kind of a funcoin as opposed to that. It can definitely be used as a trading device, like 99% of crypto is anyway, so why not one that’s created to be one.

We are currently doing a 1000 $hit giveaway on our website, check out for more information.
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To buy $hit send ETH to the following address:

Pricing can be found in the text below or on our website.

Check out for more information about the project.

Max supply: 50000 tokens
Sales are divided into 4 phases
Presale 1: 7500 Tokens
Presale 2: 7500 Tokens
Presale 3: 15000 Tokens
Liquidity funding: 10000 Tokens

Presale 1: 1 ETH=40 $hit
Presale 2: 1 ETH=30 $hit
Presale 3: 1 ETH=20 $hit
Liquidity funding: 1 ETH=15 $hit
The distribution of the tokens during the Presale phase will be done based on time of ETH arrived. The earlier the participation the bigger the amount of $hit will be. The Liquidity funding phase will start at the date provided in the roadmap.
We need sales to fund adding liquidity for the listing on uniswap. Planned listing price will be based on liquidity funding price(1 ETH=15 $hit).

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