SwapDEX last Presale

Oct 7, 2020

SwapDEX is a decentralized exchange that focuses on enabling the trading of ERC20 tokens between users without an intermediaries.

🔥🔥Round 3 and our last Presale will start on wednesday 7th October 7pm BST (+1 GMT)🔥🔥
Address to send ETH : 0x2f78F05dCc30a96DEe432Ee301E8524008E60ADe
1 ETH minimum = 90,000 SDX (no maximum)

✅After this presale we shall be going to live and adding liquidity to both Swapdex and Uniswap pools plus a centralised exchange(TBA).
Good Luck All... don't get left behind

👥Our community👥

All tokens that are not sold will be voted by SDX holders there outcome.

🚀Starting Price🚀
75,000 SDX for 1 Eth.
💥Multiple Exchange

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