Oct 27, 2020


STVKE Public Sale
- Max Cap: 570 ETH
- Price per STV: 0.0003 ETH
- Uniswap Listing: 0.0003 ETH

MIN send amount is 0.5 ETH, anything send below that will not be considered and will be refunded.
MAX send amount is 35 ETH, anything above that WILL be refunded.
- Public Sale Address: 0x90D3aBd641F9cf94552DC108ABC0Bd932A6D6CE1

Steps to receive your STV
1) Send your ETH to 0x90D3aBd641F9cf94552DC108ABC0Bd932A6D6CE1
2) Wait until Hardcap is reached, or 48 hours have passed.
3) We will then add liquidity to Uniswap, lock the liquidity for 6 months.
4) We will then disperse your tokens to each of your respective accounts proportional to what you have sent in the public sale.
5) We will then disperse the private sale tokens proportional to what was sent in the private sale.
6) We will then update the site to reflect the ability to create tokens on the main net.

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