SpiderDAO - shaking up the VPN industry

Dec 18, 2020

SpiderDAO (shaking up the VPN industry)
What is SpiderDAO
SpiderDAO is the industry’s first hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of the Polkadot.
Browsing the Internet with a Secure VPN while earning a passive income with SpiderDAO. 👊
"SpiderVPN could very well shake up the VPN industry once it transitions to a decentralized model and goes live with SpiderDAO. If the system lives up to its potential, it could change the way we think about not only VPNs but also all other kinds of similar internet-based subscription services."
The SpiderDAO token (SPDR) has successfully listed and is now available on the automated liquidity protocol Uniswap. You can now send, swap, or pool your SPDR tokens.
SpiderDAO contract address:

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