Project Kassan

Dec 19, 2020

Project Kassan

We are excited to announce the development of Project Kassan and our token presale which will be live from 12:00 UTC on 20th December 2020!

We are building out a next-gen NFT(Non-Fungible Token) marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, initially focused around the sought after sports card trading market.

Where physical collectibles in this space are currently available for consumer purchase, we aim for future models to be built as digital assets and integrated within our marketplace under ERC721/ERC1155. Our platform will essentially offer an NFT exchange where organisations can showcase and market their trading card collectibles, whilst further down the line users will be able to market their own digital assets focused around the platforms trading card categories, while also being able to store, browse, and share their personal NFT collections through our custom built ‘NFT Book’ app.

We have partnered with an SME set to offer a range of their digitized sports related assets at platform launch, the work to tokenize these assets starting in early 2021.

Initial partnered web-based staking pools will go live in Q1 2021 with a reward duration dynamic, the longer the stake duration the higher the APR over the period of token lock. 

Platform token staking on token migration in Q4 2021, with a reward pool generating from a range of on platform variables including NFT exchange occurrences and auction bidding in addition to a fixed yield.

Total Token Supply: 3,750,000 KSN
Presale Supply Offering: 40%
Partnered and Platform Staking Rewards: 25%
Liquidity: 15%
Locked Flexible Supply: 10%
Marketing Allocation:5%
Team Allocation: 5%

Presale value: 10,000 Kassan per one Ether
Uniswap listing value: 6,500 Kassan per one Ether

Min purchase: 5,000 Kassan
Max purchase: 50,000 Kassan

Soft cap: 60 Ether
Hard cap: 150 Ether

Planned incremental liquidity injections through the first 28 days following our listing on Uniswap.

Check out our medium page and presale website for more information on project scope, tokenomics, partnership generation, and presale event information. If you have any queries, please do reach out.


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