One Network

Jan 2, 2021

"One Network in One Decentralized World"
One Network aims to be the leading subscription service in crypto world for watching videos,streaming music, movies, porn and news.
NFT Feature
As part of growing finance in Crypto space. We will add NFT in our Network.
Social Medias
One Network Token asset
Token name: One Network
Token symbol: 1NET
Deflationary: No
Mint function: false
Smart Contract:
Total supply: 1
Presale: 0.5
Uniswap: 0.25
Nft mining: 0.2
Developments: 0.05
(No Dev tokens)
1 ETH: 0.0033 1NET
70 ETH:Softcap
150 ETH: Hardcap
1 ETH: 0.0016 1NET
Report from presale to listing will be posted. Revision of tokenomics and Proof of locks will be showed.

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