Oct 21, 2020

🔥 presents🔥 - The first tokenized MMORPG DeFi yield farming protocol. 

This game puts one side of the community against the other... choose your faction to earn passive crypto rewards and unique NFT's! 

Low Market Cap & Locked Liquidity verifiable by Unicrypt: 

To help you fellow crypto enthusiasts understand the game, there are a total of 4 tokens that will play a part in the tokenomics of this project.

📌MOONFUEL - is a deflationary token. 501 Remaining of the original 1000 (5% txn burn applies to every transaction. Up until now, half of the supply has been burnt!

📌MOONBOIS - is a faction farming token. Fixed supply, Total/Circ = 600

📌FUDSTER - is a faction farming token. Fixed supply, Total/Circ = 395

📌MOONDUST - Rewards token - 4% burn on creation to dev wallet. Supply: 5273 with emissions of 0.125 MOONDUST per block and capped at a total supply of 12000 MOONDUST

MoonDust holders can vote on what that fund is used for and use MOONDUST for NFT’s. MoonDust is earned by farming FUDSTER/MOONFUEL or MOONBOIS/MOONFUEL (current APY is over 200%! You can see this in real time on

You can also farm MoonDust/Eth for extra rewards, the current APY is over 4,400%!!!

No mimimum amount, no staking lock period. You can farm your rewards and claim at any time!

Each token has it's own unique purpose and governance built into the ecosystem, which you will learn more about by joining our telegram community

Telegram Channel: @MoonBois

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