Introducing SNACK.Finance

Oct 22, 2020

Introducing SNACK.Finance

SNACK is a Multi-Mining mechanism on TRON Yield Farming.

The Starting Price of SNACK = 4 TRX and will rise up to 25% in every 8 Hours for the coming 12 days.
After 12 days SNACK will be deployed on Justswap and will have a price range between 12,000 and 13,000 TRX per SNACK

How to Participate :
Buy SNACK from the Farm :
After you bought the SNACK tokens , they will end up in your own Wallet.
To Stake these SNACK tokens , you have the option of 5-10-15 Days Locked staking.
Click on " Select
Click on " Approved "
After you can Stake your SNACK into that Pool.

Once you start staking in 1 of 3 pools you CANNOT unstake or add more into that pool,
You need to wait off the locked staking time.
If you want to stake more SNACK you can take one of the two remaining staking pools.

Your Yield can be Harvest 24/7

Also check out the Reward/Bounty Pool to Gain SNACK by doing Micro tasks.

Referral commission is 10%
You will only get a Referral Link when you bought SNACK
After that, you can share your Referral Link with others
By the time they bought SNACK, then you will get 10% of their total buy
Your commission will be send automatic to your wallet

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