dXMR finance

Dec 22, 2020

First XMR Yield Farming starts at 12:00 (GMT) Today

dXMR Finance realized the minting of dXMR, an Ethereum-based Monero anchor token, through dVM and dSWAP. Users can freely exchange between dXMR and XMR at a fixed ratio of 1:1. It enables a fast and safe channel to increase Ethereum assets anonymity. 

Yield farming starts at 12:00 (GMT) today, users can use dXMR and dXMR liquidity LP Token to earn farming rewards. 

dXMR has reached a partnership with DextTools and will support DEXT and 5 other tokens in initial farming.

Mint your first dXMR in our Website: https://dxmr.io

Website - https://dxmr.io

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