DXMR finance

Dec 19, 2020

De Privacy project introduces dVM, dSwap and dXMR to build the safest and fastest way swapping XMR and ERC20 tokens. Ethereum assets can be directly exchanged to Monero through the dXMR liquidity pool and our gateway to enable privacy. 

DPC is the master governance token of De Privacy platform. It is used in dVM bond, transaction fee discount and profit share of the platform. DPC value is linked to all privacy coins’ market cap. 

Free public sale of DPC ends at 12:00(GMT) 12/20/2020. Open https://dxmr.io in your wallet to learn project details and purchase DPC tokens. 

Total Supply:  100,000,000 DPC
Token Sale Pool:  10,000,000 DPC
Round 1 Price:  0.08$ 
Round 2 Price:  0.09$ 
Round 3 Price:  0.1$ 
Min Contribution:  1 XMR/1 ETH
Max Contribution:  100 XMR/50 ETH
Hardcap:  900,000 USD
Token Distribution:  Within 24 hours of purchase
Initial Circulating Supply:  10,000,000 DPC
Public Sale Vesting Period:  No Lockup
Team Tokens Locked:  Yes
Team Token Release:  Through farming in 1 year
UniSwap Listing:  Yes
Unsold Tokens:  Burn
Timelock:  Yes, 12 hours minimum delay.

Website - https://dxmr.io
Telegram group - @dxmrfinance

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