Detailed Tutorial for Paradefi Network dividend sale on the curve platform

Oct 2, 2020

Tutorial Summary
As mentioned in the previous announcement, we still decided to release a small allocation for the presale, it will run on the lottery format to ensure the transparency and thrilling experience to our loyal investors one day before the exchange listing. Until now, 1st October 2020, we have finalized NDA with over 14 centralized exchanges, and we will be in some free-listing Dexs. To participate, you need to visit platform before 5th October 9 PM, Singapore Time. You also need to deposit Ethereum to your Metamask wallet in advance.

2. Connect your Metamask
3. Send Ethereum to your Metamask hours before the dividend sale.
4. Wait until the countdown ends.
5. Buy PRT with your Ethereum
6. Wait if you are successfully selected or unluckily refunded since it will be running in a lottery format.
7. Do not forget to grab the bank teller URL to invite more friends to join our Defi platform.

Why no auction?
In case the Paradefi Network foundation does an auction, users have to be doing that on another platform. Moreover, we have to train and create a step-by-step tutorial for the users, this takes time and familiarity. Especially, the most important thing is that we do not want to price out people, the initial price would be 1, but the actual price you can be able to buy is 10, this does not guarantee a safe investment for our early investors.

Presale Detail
Ticker: PRT
Token Type: Erc20
Presale Hardcap: $660,000
Min/Max Personal Cap: $100/$5,000
Asset Accept: Ethereum
Presale Allocation: 11,000,000 PRT
Presale Price: 0.06$
Dividend Sale Type: Lottery Format.

Why a lottery format?
The presale round will run in the lottery format, not all the early investors will successfully buy the PRT. The success ratio will be calculated as the following:
“Ratio = Amount buy/Presale Hardcap + Contribution Index”

How to increase your success ratio?
In the Paradefi Network community, we appreciate the contribution more than the physical assets invested. To increase the success ratio, are encouraged to invite more people to join through the bank teller link, this is recorded with your Metamask address.

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