Crypto bingo

Oct 18, 2020

🎰 Welcome To Crypto Bingo 🎰 😊🙌

Crypto Bingo (CBO) is a lottery and drawing game

Let’s go back to something simple and honest. Everybody knows the lottery, Powerball or Euromillions. It is now time to bring this concept into the crypto world 🌍 

Rules are simple.
Once a week, participants will have to buy 1 CBO token on the Bounce platform.
1 CBO token grants you 1 lottery ticket.
The ticket price is 0.2 ETH

Out of all the participants, several will be randomly picked and will share all the rewards.


- At the end of the countdown on Bounce, a snapshot will be made on etherscan of all the addresses with 1 CBO. 
- Please note that only one CBO per wallet will be taken into account to facilitate the draw of the week, so in order to get several tickets you need several wallets.
- The draw will be done live on the CBO chan, using a BOT (Dadinci).
- There will be several winners depending on the number of participants and the number of ETH collected. 
- The more participants there will be, the higher the winnings will be.
- Except for the management fee, all the ETH collected will be redistributed.

1 CBO Token = 1 lottery ticket
1 lottery ticket = 0.2 ETH
1 lottery = 5 winners
Total reward = 22,5 ETH
1st winner = 10 ETH
2nd winner = 5 ETH
3rd winner = 3,5 ETH
4rd and 5rd winners = 2 ETH
2 ETH is kept by team for management fees
0,5 ETH to Bounce tax

Total Supply : 50 000
Ticker : CBO
Decimals : 18
Contract address :

🎲 CBO is not listed on CEX/DEX
IT IS NOT a speculative token and it will never be.
Token is only available on bounce.

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