Dec 20, 2020

⬛️About CryptBase

On every transaction, an 8% fee also known as indirect tax is charged and this tax is redistributed to all CRPB holders equally according to their hodling using a rebase mechanism.

This mechanism allows CRPB holders to be rewarded automatically to their wallets without having to move a finger. This process is initiated by the Rebase mechanism which helps holders save transaction fees.

Using the Rebase mechanism, Community members i.e holders of CRPB would be rewarded by holding unto their tokens which would in turn bring huge value to the Ecosystem thereby increasing their assets.

⬛️How is the tax distributed❓

⚫The Total Supply is 1900 (Fixed)
⚫Taxes are distributed to holders automatically using the Rebase mechanism without Staking
⚫90% of raised ETH and 600 CRPB will be added to Uniswap Liquidity
⚫CRPB are automatically sent out when you deposit ETH to the Contribution address.

⬛️Why CryptBase❓
The traditional Finance System was designed to force you and I to pay taxes. With CRPB, taxes are not paid but distributed accordingly for the benefit of everyone.

✳️Total Supply 1900
✳️Presale 960 CRPB.
✳️Liquidity 600 CRPB
✳️Marketing 200 CRPB
✳️Team 100 CRPB
✳️Advisor 40 CRPB

❇️Softcap 30 ETH.
❇️Hardcap 60 ETH
❇️1 ETH - 16 CRPB

⬛️ Whitelist announcement will be made Shortly

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