Oct 24, 2020 Finance
There’ll be only one phase and all of the unsold token at public sale will be burned.
Public Sale Details:
Public sale price: 24,000 $MNST at 0.05 ETH per $MNST (1 ETH = 20 $MNST)
Softcap: 600 ETH
Hardcap: 1200 ETH

→ %50 for Public Sale (All of the unsold token will be burned) 0.05 ETH per $MNST
→ %49 for Uniswap Listing (locked 100% for 3 years) 0.2 ETH per $MNST
→ %1 for community giveaway and promotions.

The whitelist will be conducted through Google Forms on a first come, first serve basis.
After whitelist, we will give enough time for the community to view our smart contracts. 
We will then proceed with token distribution and Uniswap listing shortly after.
Please ensure you have an ERC-20 wallet setup (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc.) and not an exchange wallet.

Everyone will get the Google Form link at the same time.

👉 There’ll be zero $MNST for team allocation. 👈

I would like to clarify the NFT features of includes two types of NFTs.
» Frist type of NFTs are Cards. They are swapable, tradable but not redeemable. They can be created by users.
» Second type of NFTs are In game items and Games. They are swapable, tradable and redeemable too. 
Second type of NFTs include in game items which are CSGO and WoW items and Games which are different platforms game keys such as XBOX, PS4, PC. 
These NFTs include real in game items and game keys so they can’t be created by users. 
They are redeemable but as soon as they’re redeemed by users, they’ll be deactivated as NFT. 
Also, they can be redeemed for once only and can’t returnable after redeemed.

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