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Required tools:
YFHOLD Finance Airdrop. Get 2 YHFI ($400) + 0.1 YHFI for each referral
Step by step:
1. Talk to the telegram bot
2. Join Telegram group and channel
3. Follow us on Twitter
4. Retweet the pinned post, Give us a positive comment and tag 5 friends with hastags: #YHFI #DEFI #ETH
5. Follow us on Medium and give us 5 claps
6. Visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter

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More about YFHOLD Finance

YhFi uses decentralized networks and open-source protocols to provide its users, a variety of products and services including holding, yield farming, and swapping. The idea behind the working of YhFi is to create wealth for holders through holding or trading their crypto asset, redistributing income to all stakeholders. Airdrop distribution after uniswap, Probit and hotbit listing one week after token sale.Token sale start 7.11.2020 Uniswap / Justswap listing after the end of token sale

Share this airdrop on social media: