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Required tools:
Tro Network airdrop is 0.05 token ($25) + 0.005 token for each referral
Step by step :
2. Join Tro Network telegram group
3. Join Tro Network telegram channel
4. Follow Tro Network twitter account
5. Follow Tro Network facebook page
6. Subscribe Tro Network youtube channel
Also, earn 0.005 TRO for each referral


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More about Tro Network

Tro.Network is a erc 20 based defi project thats aim is to gove profit to all user. Now a days defi is gold & also risky Tro.Network is promising to give profit to everyone and that will be 100% risk free It will alunch its own staking platform from where user can earn without doing anything Also Tro will list to all big exchange And to give profit Tro is laubching a limited amount airdrop But this is just start Tro will go so far just need you peoples support & love for Tro. Tro.Network is a new form of governance system, a think-tank where innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements are the priority, creating a much needed utility focus to the blockchain space.

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