Dottery X FusionDEX Airdrop

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Required tools:
Dottery X FusionDEX Airdrop is 5 FST for 100 lucky winners.

How to join:
👉 Fill out google form
1. Join Dottery Telegram:
2. Join Dottery Telegram announcement:
3. Join FusionDEX Telegram:
4. Follow Dottery Twitter and Retweet Dottery Pinned Tweet:
5. Follow FusionDEX Twitter and Retweet:
6. You need to HOLD any amount of DOTY and FST.
You can buy FST tokens here :
You can buy DOTY :
You can also buy DOTY :

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More about Dottery X FusionDEX

More about Dottery and FusionDEX please check on their website

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